{Review} Packing your bags made easy: Bags of Bliss maternity hospital bags

maternity hospital bag

As an expectant mum there’s a lot to organise and think about – if it’s your first baby you’ve got a whole heap of equipment to organise – everything from prams and car seats through to nappies and blankets.  The whole thing can be quite overwhelming!  For me expecting baby number 4 you’d think I’d have everything organised but because there’s an eight year gap between this one and my last child I’ve given away pretty much everything I had the first time round.  Keeping only a handful of precious handmade baby blankets has meant starting from scratch on all the big ticket baby items, clothing, the lot!  So needless to say the extra task of having to think about what to pack in the hospital bag is just one of the multitude of things I’m worrying about because its so important to have ready at all times ‘just in case’ birth comes earlier or faster than you’d expected!

Bags of Bliss take that extra worry away! Their pre-packed maternity hospital bags have all the little bits and pieces you’ll need to make your hospital visit comfortable.  all you need to do is pack some clothes for you & bub!  They make a great gift for a baby shower or for yourself!

Here’s why Annette was inspired to create bags of Bliss:

“While pregnant with my first child, along with the excitement, I was completely overwhelmed by the information – both helpful and not so helpful we are confronted with as modern mums to be.  Bags of Bliss was born out of a desire to offer a stress free solution that helps tick one of the numerous items off the “to do” list of a Mum to Be.”

deluxe maternity hospital bag


The Deluxe Maternity Hospital Gift Bag contains:

Libra maternity pads                  Gaia Bamboo Baby wipes (organic and biodegradable)

Pigeon Breast Pads                       Huggies newborn nappies

Toothbrush                                    Colgate Total toothpaste

Dettol Hand Sanitiser                 Kleenex Tissues

Moisturising Lipbalm                 Jelly beans

Hair elastics                                   Swisspers Make up remover pad

Swisspers cotton buds               Washer/flannel

Notepad and pen                          Nail file/emery board

All this presented in an eco-friendly Omnisax (Envirosax) re-usable tote bag.  $55

To find out more visit the website: bagsofblissaustralia.com

Or find them at facebook: Bags of Bliss

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