{We’re LOVING} Vintage Chic!

How gorgeous is the DIY Lace Lamp! I am so making this in my down time! Full instructions can be fund at the DOS FAMILY photo via pinterest

Have you found some great vintage craft projects would love for you to share in the comment below!


  1. These are fantastic – would you mind if I used these photos in a blog article for http://www.happyweddinganniversary.co.uk ?

  2. I have all my family sheets going back to my great great Grandma’s. Some are a little worn (!) they are pure Swiss linen, and so I plan on taking the red cross stitch section, cutting it out and making something, perhaps 25 vintage buttons and an advent calendar. i’ll be sure to PIN whatever I do with such lovely stuff!

    My uTAKE then uMAKE board at Pinterest is all about encouraging EXACTLY this: repurpose, upcycle, call it what you will, but giving a second life to beautiful objects is the aim of the game!


    am adding this project to the pins, right now! LOVE!

  3. That’s awesome! I want to try that one!

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