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Karen ChastonAs a wife, mother and former CFO of a publicly listed company, I know first- hand what adrenalin (stress) does to a woman’s body. I now know that this is the reason why we burn out, feel totally exhausted and why we check out on many levels, emotionally, even at some levels somewhat spiritually.

Women can’t process adrenalin nearly as well as men so our body gets stressed which means we produce CORTISOL.

Cortisol lowers our metabolism; most often because Cortisol is acidic and has a tendency to eat away at our organs when it’s given at large levels & we can’t process it. What happens is we hold onto FAT so that the adrenalin & the Cortisol can be stored in the fat.

Now I am living a BraveHeart Women (BHW) lifestyle where I have learnt to Embody my “She energy #9 “and have taught my body to thrive with Oxytocin, I have the tools that when life throws things at me I can very quickly come out of adrenalin back into this energy space where I “embody my feminine energy and only access my masculine energy” as opposed to my previous life style where I more or less turned into a man in order to get ahead. And the added bonus is that I have released 10 kilos with EASE.

So, I hear you ask, how did you find BHW? As I said I was a former CFO and last year, I was made redundant. The best thing that could have happened to me!!

I was an online member of BHW and not long after my notification, I received an email from Ellie Drake (BHW inspirational founder) inviting me to come to LA for their annual 4 day conference. I had wanted to go to this conference for 4 years but was always too busy. Anyway I went and I felt WOW, I have finally found what I have been looking for my whole life.

BHW provides tools that empower women to Be more, Create more and Collaborate more. A community, where women learn how to truly Collaborate, – Through the Heart, without the Mind, Bravely as One”.

For women to truly learn how to collaborate, I feel we need to get out of our judgement of each other, out of our competitive natures. Though for this to happen we have to first learn self love, self acceptance and self awareness. Let’s face it as mean as we can be to each other, we are 1,000 more critical of ourselves.

BHW provides the tools so we can fully blossom into the person we came here to BE, which can create the platform so we can CREATE prosperity while embracing Ease, which in turn, will provide the fuel so we can COLLABORATE harmoniously.

I was so inspired by this community that I felt this is the reason I was made redundant. I am called to bring this community to Australian Women.

Braveheart network

The first Sydney Chapter was launched on the 22nd June 2013 in Sydney and now there are monthly chapter meetings being held in the CBD, Northern Beaches and Central Coast. As the community grows there will also be meetings held in the east, west and southern suburbs of Sydney.  With interstate meetings planned for the not too distant future.

Come and check out this community. The first meeting is free. All meetings are listed on facebook or Meetup.



If you would like to start birthing your Super Potential now by utilising the BHW tools check out the following webinars and 4 day course and/or contact me.

Female Success Model       https://braveheart.infusionsoft.com/go/FSMandFPMLink/R11060/

Quantum Journey                https://braveheart.infusionsoft.com/go/qj/R11060/

Female Transformation Model / Dance your But’s Off (FTM/ DYBO)     https://braveheart.infusionsoft.com/go/ftmdybokc/R11060/


Karen Chaston

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