Back To School: The Perfect Time To Hire An Au Pair

With the school holidays over and a new school year beginning, it’s time to get back into your routines. The thought of getting the whole house ready and to school and work on time can sometimes feel overwhelming but have you thought about hiring an au pair to lighten the load? Having an extra pair […]

Social Media 101: Getting it Right

If you are using social media as a way to spread your message, be it your blog, your business or your professional platform the one thing you need to understand is that social media is not a ‘quick fix’ marketing strategy. It is not just a case of joining up to Facebook and Twitter and […]

The Gift of 24 – 24 Hours Complaint Free

A challenge like no other – debates ensued, tears of frustration ran down the faces of participants, jumps for joy could be heard causing a 7 on the Richter scale, relationships breaking all over the world and a general sense of achievement and “we must do this again” – can be heard worldwide due to […]

Reading Together

As parents, we all know that it’s important to read with our children everyday, but do you know why it’s so important? In our busy world, it’s often easy to get caught up in the rush of getting things done and I’m guilty of that too. By the time you get home, clean the house, […]

“Sustainability Rules of Thumb” in Modern Busy Families

Do you have major power over the buying decisions, perhaps within a budget constraint dictated by your partner or perhaps you worked it out together or perhaps you worked it out because your partner is like mine! (He has no mind for money matters other than spending it.) You have probably heard all those strange […]

‘The Worst Pain in the World’

Reading books together is such a magical experience for both children and adults. This closeness and bonding time is also the perfect opportunity to read about topics that would otherwise be missed. My love of meaningful children’s books is what has driven me to become a children’s book author and illustrator creating important topical books […]

Does Summer Leave You Feeling a Little Fruity?

As summer rolls around for me every year, I take delight in walking through the fresh produce section and the amazing smells of peaches, mangos and all things summer. I get inspired, I gain more “bounce” in my step and suddenly everything I touch has more energy and more flair. Summer for me is my […]

5 Things I Wish I’d Known Sooner As An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are awesome people. They’re the most resourceful, non-conforming badasses out there. If you’re reading this then you either are one, know one, or secretly want to be one. And I see you, I’m cheering wildly from the sidelines for you. Sure some of you might have short attention spans, but don’t let that take […]