A world first in pregnancy keepsakes – a sculpture of your unborn baby

I was so fortunate to discover this breakthrough in pregnancy keepsake technology when I was 34 weeks pregnant with baby number 4! It’s a world-first in pregnancy technology and was developed in Melbourne. The technology enables a 3 dimensional sculpture of the babies face to be printed from the ultrasound scan images.

I was curious about this product and had to see it for myself. I recently met with the remarkable Dr Steven Chow at COGUS clinic in Melbourne. Dr Chow was a pioneer in 3D & 4D pregnancy ultrasounds, and his was one of the first clinics in Australia to offer 3D scans back in 1998.

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While 2D scans show a basic cross section image, 3D scans show a more realistic view of the baby and 4D actually shows movement inside the womb. From a scientific viewpoint a 2D scan gives the doctor the measurements and information necessary to diagnose a baby’s progress. A 3D or 4D scan however are better from a parent’s perspective and are believed to be beneficial in helping expectant parents to bond with their little one.

Their latest product takes it one step further and creates a portrait sculpture of the unborn baby that expectant parents can touch and feel!

Here’s the description from the website about the product:
Little Cupids
For the first time, pregnant mothers can have their ultrasound scans recreated as Little Cupid figurines before the delivery date.
These exquisite figurines highlight the delicate features of the face and are presented on stylish frames, designed to stir conversation and capture your baby at complete rest, before birth.
Little Cupids can be ordered between 20 to 36 weeks of pregnancy, as part of your routine pregnancy scans, from one of our specialist partner clinics. Little Cupids are not artistic renditions. They are built using the volumetric data that is only available from the latest 3D ultrasound machines. Created on state of the art rapid prototyping equipment, every Little Cupid is made from environmentally friendly PLA* and is accurate to an astonishing 0.1mm.


These beautiful keepsakes are affordable too at just $299 for a framed portrait of your precious baby’s face.



Find them at Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/COGUS.Ultrasound

or visit the website: http://www.cogus.com.au/

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